About Us

Dedicated to your peace of mind

Vision : To redefine luxury hospitality in Bentota, offering unparalleled villa experiences that blend opulence with comfort, set amidst lush surroundings and complemented by personalized service, ensuring every guest creates cherished memories.

MissionOur mission is to exceed expectations by providing discerning guests with exclusive access to a sanctuary of indulgence and relaxation. Through meticulous attention to detail, dedication to superior service, and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to set the standard for luxury villa rentals in Bentota and beyond.

Entertainment & Events

We specialize in arranging business-events. We can help you to dive into your work without a care. Your meeting should be successful, no matter what you aim for.

Our big conference Stonehenge Hall is outfitted with state-of-the-art technical facilities. It is perfect for top level negotiations or board of directors meetings.